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Sexual Assault Survivors'
Centre Sarnia Lambton

420 East St. N. #11
Sarnia, ON   N7T 6Y5
Phone: (519) 337-3154
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Toll Free: 1-888-231-0536

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Gay/Lesbian Survivors

Violence and Sexual Assault in Lesbian Relationships

  • Do you feel pushed to have sex when you don't want to?
  • Do you ever have sex just to "keep the peace?"
  • Does your partner want sex after a fight when you don't want it?
  • Have you ever just laid there during sex because you felt resisting was more risky?
  • Has she ever given you a hard time if you wanted to stop halfway through?
  • Does your partner use sexual name calling against you?
  • Does your partner make you feel ashamed about your sexual desires or fantasies?
  • In the context of S&M, are you ever confused about where the scenes begin and end?
  • Has your partner accused you of not being a real lesbian?
  • Does your partner threaten to have or have affairs when you both have agreed to be monogamous?

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