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Sexual Assault Survivors'
Centre Sarnia Lambton

420 East St. N. #11
Sarnia, ON   N7T 6Y5
Phone: (519) 337-3154
Fax: (519) 337-0819
Toll Free: 1-888-231-0536

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Male Survivors

Boys and men can also be victims of sexual assault, and recent statistics indicate that up to one out of six men report having had unwanted direct sexual contact.

According to Canada's National Clearinghouse on Family Violence, male victims:

  • are more often abused by teachers, coaches and baby-sitters than by family members
  • are more likely than females to minimize the impact of the sexual abuse
  • are more likely than females to have their parents also minimize the impact of the abuse
  • are more likely than females to experience anger and rage in the early stages of recovery, whereas their feelings of grief tend to surface later in the healing process
  • not as likely as females to consider early childhood sexual experience to be sexual abuse. Gender socialization, different physiological responses of the sexes and culturally determined expressions of sexuality may cause boys to be neutral of positive about their sexual experiences, but the long-term effects (e.g. on self-esteem) are negative.